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Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
like medicare over a decade. >> more bay area communities are considering taxes on soda. the first city to put up the idea for a public vote was richmond. that was defeated early this month but now others -- the soda industry said the tax wouldn't work because people would just go to other cities to buy their drinks. >> all right. a second storm is really hitting the bay area. steve is tracking this storm. he will tell you what to expect all day and into your weekend. >> alex smith speaking out on the 49er quarterback controversy. what he said about the coach's decision to start calling him. >> here is a look at the bridge where you can see we have back up there westbound. we will have more traffic hot spots, floodway flooding coming up. . >>> we are now hearing alex smith after collin was named the starter for sunday's game in saint lieu us. smith had a concussion more than two weeks ago but has been cleared to play. however, once again he is the back up quarterback. the head coach met with both men to discuss his decision. >> he explained where he was coming from and felt lik
Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
. prosecutors say ace be medicare dan ankles mcdanieel beat a maneuver was shot to death. the oakland mayor said the shooting was part of the reason they decided to clear out the camp. >> berkeley police are asking for the public's help as the search for a man accused of grouping a student, police say a 21-year-old was walking between two campus buildings at 7:30 thursday night when the man grabbed her. that man ran away when she started screaming. that person is described as 5'5'' with a heavy build and shoulder length wavy air. she was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt. >> people may be at ring for identity theft if they were taken on a ambulance. the billing company for ambulance rides said an employee may have stolen customer data for an identity theft ring. the company said no medical information has disclosed. let'sers have been sent to those who may have been affected. >>> people who live in dublin are being warned to keep a close eye on holiday deliveries. you with looking at video that shows a package being ripped off in the middle of the day. the victim said this was just the latest t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2